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About Our Products

Our Extensive Collection

Vedas is a one-stop Arts Store. We have a wide range of paintings, artworks and home decor products - all handmade and curated with love !

Oil Paintings - Originals

From Rs. 10000/- onwards
(varies with size and details in the painting)

The original Oil Paintings are made on Canvas and each piece takes a lot of time to be completed as its layered with paint over and over to give a three dimensional depth in the painting and left to dry for days. They are then treated with varnish and framed in beautiful frames of seasoned wood to keep them safe and long lasting. These originals require some basic maintenance on an yearly basis.


Oil Painting on Canvas Prints

From Rs. 1000 onwards

For those who are just starting off on getting to know paintings or are looking for a seasoned products with zero maintenance and yet can purchase copies of the original oil paintings in the form of prints on canvas. These are luxury pieces and even perfect for gifting because of the great finishing they display. They are hassle free as against original oil paintings.

EntireCollectionView_12x17 BW_Devlok by Veda_ThetifCDS Art Store_8Nos.jpg

Charcoal Paintings - Originals

From Rs.10000/- onwards

(varies with size and details in the painting)

The original Charcoal Paintings are made on thick handmade sheets with charcoal powder using cloth, stumping sticks and erasers to spread the powder and create desired strokes. Each piece takes a lot of time to be completed as this technique does not use brushes or tools that fasten the process but the charcoal powder is spread manually to create desired intensities to make a painting. Due to real powder being used to make these paintings, these need to be maintained with great care so as not to loose the intensity of the painting with powder falling off the sheet slowly over the years. They are best kept when framed in glass immediately and maybe even treated carefully with spray finish to keep the powder art intact. They look best when framed in beautiful thick wooden frames and they give a vintage look because of the black and white nature of the painting. Once framed carefully, they are maintenance free.

tribal women charcoal_0.5x.jpg

Handmade Scented Indoor Candles

From Rs. 149/- onwards
(varies with size)

These scented candles made with essential oils and bring in a heaven of freshness with its aroma into your spaces. They are made in small batches to retain the fragrances. They are handmade with a lot of love and care to make each piece special and beautiful with inserts of varied herbs and spices. They are then wrapped in beautiful hand made paper boxes  to keep them safe and long lasting. They spread divine aromatic fragrances and are a must have home decor ! 

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