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All About Vedas

Our ARTsy Journey

Vedas first opened its doors in October 2018 as a store extension of a solo design business tifCDS. From these humble beginnings (then known as the tifCDS Art Store), we’ve grown to become an independant online and offline Art Store in India, now known as VEDAS since September 2022.


Our mission is to be a one-stop-Arts Store for home decor enthusiasts, artists and creative minds of all kinds. We stock a huge range of affordable handmade products, display at galleries and also pitch a tent at artsy events for sale across the country. Come help us grow stronger with your support for our small but not so little store business.

We specialize in Canvas Arts - Oil Paintings, Knife Paintings, Charcoal Paintings, Mandala Art, Digital Artworks, Graphical Illustrations, Poster Art Prints, Canvas Art Prints, Art based Home Decor merchandise such as Mugs, Coasters, Fridge Magnets, Nameboards, Cushion Covers, Scented Candles, Kitchen Label Stickers, Weaved Creepers and Planter Sleeves, Bamboo Baskets, Recycled Bottle Lamps and Paper Trays, etc and a lot more is always coming up as we explore art through our products. 

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