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These printed kitchen labels are very handy to help you easily navigate through your innumerable bottles/jars/containers in your kitchen pantry and enable faster organised great cooking experiences. They are a must have kitchen accessory along with being a quick interior decor trick especially on recycled bottles and containers. These labels are made of paper, yet waterproofed with lamination to allow you to freely use them without having to worry once stuck on your jars and bottles. These are easily applicable on surfaces like glass, plastic, ceramic, clay, cloth, paper, etc. They are designed after a lot of research to ensure clarity and legible reading even from a distance making it easy for elder members or people with glasses to see them and spot their favourite food ingredients easily. Enjoy the luxury of good design in your very own kitchens ! This definitely will up the decor of your kitchens without fail giving you a very affordable kitchen makeover. Good Design makes all the difference !

Printed Kitchen Bottle/Jars Labels on Paper Stickers - Set of 18 basic essential

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